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The City of Rockingham makes a statement of intent over “Doggy Bags”

Date: 8 Jun 2008

The City of Rockingham has made a statement of intent over "Doggy Bags". Commencing June 2008 the City Council have committed to phasing out conventional plastic "doggy bags" in favour of biodegradable and compostable bags. This reaffirms the Councils commitment to a better environment. Work on this project has been in the pipeline for nearly eighteen months and was initiated by Ken James. The baton has now been picked up by Paul Maloney who is working hard not only in the area of waste management, but many other areas of local government infrastructure within the Council to "make a difference".

The new biodegradable and compostable dog bags look and perform the same as the existing conventional plastic bags. They employ the existing infrastructure which helps the waste management teams with a seamless changeover. The dispensers have been printed accordingly identifying their biodegradable and compostable properties for the dog owners.

This is a major step forward by the City of Rockingham in its commitment towards a better environment and is an example that cannot be ignored.

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