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Dzolv Products launches its new compostable “dog poo” bags……

Date: 9 Apr 2008

Dzolv Products launches its new compostable "dog poo" bags into the market with immediate success. The bags utilise the registered format already existing in the market place which means no changes to infrastructure have to be made by local government organisations. This will aid the transition from conventional plastic bags to the new environmentally friendly bags. The bags are 100% biodegradable* and compostable* and have been engineered to degrade in approximately sixty days from entering an ideal waste management facility*. We are happy to announce that the Town of Vincent have been the first to pick up this new technology and strong interest is being shown by a number of other Councils. With the right infrastructure in place all used dog poo bags may now be composted with the resultant compost being a viable resource.

* An industrial compost environment is deemed the ideal waste management facility. 

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