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Breaking New Ground - 100 Ways To Save Our Planet

Date: 19 Jan 2007

Dzolv Products Pty Ltd began its evolution ten years
ago when owner Mark Charman identified the need
for radical change in the packaging industry with a
swing away from conventional plastics.
"With all conventional plastics being manufactured
from crude oil by-product the future is not sustainable,"
Mark said.
In the ten years of research many "biodegradable"
options have come and gone due to lack of functionality
and credibility. Dzolv Products now believes that it
has finally found the biodegradable product base it
has been looking for in Poly Lactic Acid (PLA). PLA is
derived from the old cornstarch technology with its
feedstock being corn which is an annually renewable
Through its alliance with global partner Minima
Technology, Dzolv Products now has access to a broad
range of packaging products including cold drinking
cups, salad bowls, sushi trays, meat and vegetable
trays, egg cartons and wine cups.
Also available are PLA coated paper products
such as milkshake cups, coffee cups, hot chip cups,
plates, hamburger clams and partitioned take-a-way
food trays. A range of bags is also available to suit
dedicated market areas.
"The sky is the limit with this technology; it is not
just restricted to food packaging. If you just get your
head out of the square for a while, there is no end to
the possibilities," Mark said.

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