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B.A.S.F. Fly in........

Date: 28 Nov 2006

Business manager from B.A.S.F. Japan Ltd Mr. Masahiro Maeda and business development manager Ms. Beverley Jones from B.A.S.F. Australia Ltd flew into Perth 15th November 2006 to discuss the benefits of Ecoflex, B.A.S.F.'s patented 100% biodegradable resin.


Dzolv Products' owner Mark Charman, having previously had discussions with Mr. Maeda regarding Ecoflex, reiterated his continued interest in the product as it is a "perfect fit" when used in the manufacture of extruded products. "The properties of Ecoflex when blended with PLA are a perfect mix and enhances the best qualities of the blend, leading to the manufacture of top quality work." Mark said.


The discussions revolved around supply availability, cost and B.A.S.F.'s new pre-mixed blended resin called EcovioŽ, whose components are 45% PLA and 55% Ecoflex. This product is a "ready to go" product and needs no further blending. Although not available in the Australasian region at the present time, the benefits of the product are self evident and should make an impact in the future.


It was agreed that the existing ecoflex testing programs would continue and Ms Beverley Jones identified that synergies between both companies could lead to a mutually beneficial relationship in the future.

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