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Staley's Food & Packaging in the zone!!

Date: 16 Oct 2006

Staley's Food & Packaging are setting themselves apart from conventional food packaging suppliers by moving into the "environmental zone"!!

This emerging shift in focus from conventional petroleum based products is being driven by procurement officer Keith Paterson who has identified that the packaging industry can no longer continue to be the bane on the environmental landscape that it has been for years.

A portfolio of products is being built which started with 100% biodegradable and compostable cold drinking cups, with preliminary work being done on meat trays and customised bags. Keith is extremely excited about the prospects going forward saying "I can see the benefits in marketing for Staley's and for our customers. As our customer's become more aware of their environmental benefits, the demand for new and more innovative products will follow. At the end of the day everyone's a winner".                                                                                  For further information contact Keith on 08 9721 7855.


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